What Are Homeopathic Products?

Medicinal products that have protective, supportive or therapeutic effects on human health are called homeopathic medicinal products.

License Application of Homeopathic Products:

Natural persons: graduates from one of the higher education institutions in pharmacy, medicine or chemistry and have the authority to practice their profession in Turkey,

Legal persons; to employ a person with the qualifications specified in real persons as a “qualified person,”

Note: Natural persons belonging to the profession of dentistry and authorized to perform their profession in Turkey also have the right to apply for licenses for homeopathic medicinal products used in dentistry.

If the application file submitted to the institution for obtaining a license for homeopathic medicinal product is a complete and full application in terms of the documents required to be submitted according to the nature of the application and the requirements for the electronic license application, the institution shall be evaluated in pre-examination. The licensing process will not start without this assessment. This evaluation is done in order of application date.

The applicant is notified of the situation by making the necessary evaluation within thirty days after the application file reaches the institution. If the application is found to be incomplete, the applicant completes its deficiencies within thirty days. The second preliminary examination will be concluded within thirty days after the deficiencies have been completed and submitted to the institution.

Issuing of the license:

As a result of the examination and evaluation of the documents submitted by the applicant to the institution, a license is issued for homeopathic medicinal products which are found to be in compliance with the requirements set out in this regulation and the applicant is informed.

Obtaining permission to sell and offering to market:

In accordance with the provisions of this regulation, it is obligatory to obtain a sales permit for homeopathic medicinal product which will be licensed by the institution and presented to the market for the first time.

(2) The holder of the license ; if carries out storage activities in his own private facilities or facilities belonging to a legal entity should submit the document by the institution and in other cases should submit the document issued by the institution for storage place and signed document between the parties for storing their product and sales sample and signatory circular to institution with the application for sales permit.