What is the GMP Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practice Standard?

It is a standard covering all manufacturing stages from the acceptance of raw materials to the processing, design, manufacture, packaging, storage and distribution of the product to ensure that cosmetic products are produced in a safe and quality manner that does not harm human health.

Creating Of The Documentation System

Documents prepared in advance and included in the system in order to ensure that the management systems are sustainable. (Such as procedures, task definitions, flow diagrams, instructions, plans, lists, and forms).

GMP is not only covers the products and products raw materials; its also covers personnel, devices and the equipment which used in the manufacturing facility, with all aspects. All these parameters are evaluated together.

It is not difficult to establish and implement the GMP standard for the companies that establish the Quality Management System. In this context, as PIM Group, we support your company to establish a process oriented system that works in order to obtain 100% quality products.

Internal Audit

Within the scope of ISO 22716 Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Internal Audit determines whether all targeted activities are carried out, planned arrangements related to documented management systems are followed, and whether they are suitable to achieve the goal acccording to the question lists in the audit form that given by auditors.

Internal audit should be carried out periodically at least 2 (two) times a year, including production, quality control and quality assurance activities within the framework of a detailed program prepared in accordance with the procedures.

According to your request, PIM Group prepares your companies for Ministry’s audits by highly aware, experienced, prepared, relevant and impartial.