According to Article 3 of the Cosmetic Regulation; a cosmetic product made available on the market shall be safe for human health when used under normal or reasonably foreseeable conditions of use, taking into account the product’s presentation, labelling, instructions for use and disposal and any other indication or information provided by the responsible person defined in Article 4.

Cosmetic product labels are a very important channel with regards to attracting attention of consumers to the product as well as directing consumers correctly.  However, the only criterion for labeling should not be to increase product attractiveness. If the legal conformity of the symbols and expressions used on the labels is not taken into account, this can cause big problems for the manufacturer with respect to legislation.

The minimum information required to be printed in the inner and outer packaging of cosmetic products is explained by the cosmetic regulations and guidelines. In addition to ensuring that the labels meet the relevant regulatory requirements, the suitability of the texts used should also be carefully examined.

The information contained in the packaging of cosmetic products must;

– Be indelible, easily visible and readable,

– Meet all requirements stipulated by the regulation,

– Not include health declaration,

– Claims about the product must be valid and demonstrable in accordance with the definition of cosmetic product.

It should also be noted that all product labels can’t be evaluated in the same way, for example, products containing flammable materials such as aerosol, perfume and nail polish, or sunscreen products. The information that should be included on the label may change in some product groups.

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Other Promotional Tools and Materials

In many other media, including written and visual media, internet sites, labels and catalogues, various claims related to cosmetic products are made and sold.

These claims should be drawn up in consideration of the Cosmetic Regulation, the relevant guidelines and the announcements issued by the Ministry of Health.

As a result of audits about the health declarations carried out in Turkey; the websites where health declarations are used are banned and an administrative fine of 20,000 TL for per product is applied for the products that use the health declaration. Health declaration is defined as all statements that indicate, suggest or imply that it is directly or indirectly beneficial to human health or that it is effective, protects or cures against diseases or symptoms is contrary to cosmetic product legislation.

Since some claims can be proved by proper tests or analysis, these claims must be supported by the test results in order to be able to using in the promotion ways.

Examples include expressions such as “dermatologically tested” and “alcohol, paraben, SLS… free”.

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