In Article 13 of the new EU Cosmetic Legislation the European, cosmetic product notification was declared. CPNP (Cosmetic Product Notification Portal) is a free online Cosmetic Product Notification system for your cosmetic products to be exported to European Union member countries.

Before a cosmetic product is made available on the market in Europe, the Responsible Person is required to register each product in the electronic environment under the name of CPNP (Cosmetic Products Notification Portal).

Responsible Person makes a notification to the Commission via the CPNP portal containing the following information:

– Category, name and description of the cosmetic product,

– The name and address of the Responsible Person, the address where the Product Information File can be easily accessed,

– Country of import,

– Countries where the product to be introduced to the market,

– Information of the contact person,

– In case the product contains nanomaterial, the definitions of the nanomaterial such as IUPAC name, and the information specified in Annex 2 to Annex 6 of the Regulation and required to be provided, the amount of exposure foreseen, – If the product contains CMR substances in categories 1A and 1B according to CLP regulation 1272/2008, the Cas and EC numbers of these substances.

When a cosmetic product is made available on the market, the Responsible Person should inform the Commission about the labeling and packaging of the product. As Pim Group, we provide all of the services listed above through a single channel.