About Us


About Us

PIM Group is your solution partner at close interval about everything you need in the field of cosmetics. We find rapid, accurate and cost-effective solutions for you.

Our laboratory and consultancy services include all analyses that are mandatory in the legal process and necessary as a proof of the claims, cosmetic product safety assessment reports, Responsible Person For Turkey (Sorumlu Teknik Eleman), UTS notifications, label validations, European Responsible Person, CPNP notifications, Free Sales Certificates etc. we create synergy for individual and sectorial progress through the trainings that we organize on current issues.

We also actively work on natural raw material supply having standardized and full documentation.

Our Mission

In an individual sense, to provide information and connections that will make people reach their personal and professional goals and in a sectorial sense to organize trainings that will provide development and progress and to provide individual and corporate consultancy services.

Our Vision

To become a pioneering organisation in lifelong learning as a preferred and respected education and consultancy company that grows rapidly in Turkey.

Our Values

Ambition: We believe that the first step leading to the goal is the feeling of ambition. Development and progression can be achieved through ambition.

Solution-oriented: We think that being solution-oriented leads to success. Progression is possible with a solution-oriented understanding.

Innovation: We act with entrepreneurial spirit and innovative thinking for continuous growth.

Change: We believe that development occurs through change. We do not work with the thought of being involved in change but directing the change.


Since 2012 under the name of PIM Group, we have reached more than 750 clients. We conducted more than 10,000 analysis and we have prepared more than 5.000 technical files. We own our position on top to those who believe in us.

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