These are the tests performed for the determination of the characteristics such as colour, odour, appearance, pH, density and viscosity. Our laboratories also perform tests in order to determine whether your raw materials and finished products meet specifications or not and to establish specification for finished products, as well as to test for proving the “contains”/”does not contain” claims.

T. C. Ministry of Health Medicines and Medical Devices Agency (TITCK) published “Heavy Metal Impurities Guide” in cosmetic products on May 10, 2016. In order to prevent undesirable effects on consumer health, the guideline has made it an obligation to perform heavy metal analyzes in cosmetic products primarily for Lead, Arsenic, Mercury, Cadmium and Antimony.

The assessment of these parameters varies according to the product. Acceptable impurity limit values ​​for heavy metals vary according to the following parameters;

a) Limit values for cosmetic products;

Lead: 20 ppm

Arsenic: 5 ppm

Cadmium: 5 ppm

Mercury: 1 ppm

Antimony: 10 ppm

b) The highest acceptable limit values for the toothpastes (product applied to the mucous membrane);

Lead: 1 ppm

Arsenic: 0.5 ppm

Cadmium: 0.1 ppm

Mercury: 0.2 ppm

Antimony: 0.5 ppm

Within this context, interpretation can be made by choosing the appropriate limit value according to the product variety.

Physical/Chemical Analyses Performed in Our Laboratories

· Organoleptic Tests (appearance, colour, odour)

· pH value

· Refractive index

· Relative Density

· Viscosity

· Determination of Allergen

· Determination of Ethanol

· Determination of Methanol

· Determination of Paraben

· Determination of Phenoxyethanol

· Determination of Benzoic Acid

· Determination of Sorbic acid

· Determination of Polyethylene Glycol

· Determination of Silicone Dioxide

· Determination of Isopropyl Alcohol

· Determination of Hydrogen Peroxide

· Determination of Heavy Metal (Pb, Cd, As, Hg, Sb)

· Paraffin Determination

· Paint Determination

· SLES Determination

· SLS Determination

· Acetone Determination

· Free Ammonia Determination

· Fixed Ammonia Determination

· Pig DNA Determination

· Acidity

· Acidic Value

· Peroxide Value

· Iodine Value

· Ether Value

· Determination of Moisture

· Determination of Water Quantity

· Water Activity

· Alcohol Level

· Heavy Metal Determination in Packaging

· Pb and Cd Determination in Packaging

· Migration Analysis

· Phthalate Analysis

· Total Surface Active Substance Amount

· Cationic Active Substance Amount

· Anionic Active Substance

· Amount of Moisture and Volatile Substance in Soap

· Total Alkaline Amount in Soap

· Total Fat Amount in Soap

· Saponification Value

· Unsaponifiable Substance Amount

· Fatty Acid Composition